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Congratulations for making it to UCLA!

UCLA Student Affairs is student centered, student focused, and student committed to transfer student success. Student Affairs offices across campus are committed to your well-being and your academic and professional achievement, from the moment you make the decision to enroll, to the time you graduate and beyond. We are excited to help you connect with others on campus, get involved, and make the most of your time at UCLA.


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The Bruin Resource Center (BRC) is a division Student Affairs that cares specifically for transfer students, returning students, veterans, undocumented students, former foster youth, and students with dependents. The Transfer Student Program advocates for the academic success and well-being of all UCLA transfer students. It is a resource, referral, and information center for recently admitted and currently enrolled undergraduates.
If you have questions, stop by! We can help you navigate all of your campus transfer resources and make appropriate referrals based on your individual needs. The Transfers Website is a hub for incoming transfers, to make your transition as smooth as possible, and a conduit to other transfer resources at UCLA.

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